Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Visual Merchandising: Selfridges and Project Ocean

[Images my own].

This year has seen a major Selfridges campaign in aid of the world's seas (helpfully titled 'Project Ocean'), which has been incredibly thought-provoking. It also gave the Visual Merchandisers at Oxford Street a bit of a challenge, which has led to this innovative display of confiscated coral, normally held at the London Aquarium after being seized by the authorities. The forms seen in these images are truly beautiful, but luckily in this day and age you can pick up some excellent fake coral pieces if that's what takes your fancy. These windows showcase the talent of several milliners, who were given the coral as a raw and inspiring material, and it's not hard to appreciate the sculptural and structural qualities when wielded by the likes of Stephen Jones. Something as negative as coral harvesting has been transformed into a positive message to prevent further damage taking place.

I am constantly impressed by the VM team at Selfridges and this is yet another example of how they are streets ahead of other big British retailers.

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