Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My namesake in bag form

[Images via Mulberry].

The design team at Mulberry are clearly worth their weight in gold, because their latest offering is called Polly (yes, I am slightly biased seeing as my parents gave me that name 22 years ago, but let it be said that they didn't name me after a handbag - it was the other way round!). They have also chosen one of my favourite colours, burgundy, as the shade of soft leather for this new collection. I would have blogged about this earlier, but in all honesty the images on the official website don't do them justice, and I actually thought this was an almost brown shade of maroon. However, when I popped into Selfridges the other week before my friend's very civilised and stripper-less Hen Party, I managed to catch a glimpse (okay, cop a feel) of the new Mulberry Polly bags on the shelf. The burgundy version is called 'Conker' and it's more purple-hued when you see it up close. Equally, the almost mustard-looking 'Pumpkin' shade (not pictured) is definitely orange when you meet it in daylight. The other colourway is, of course, black, because for every woman who wants a bright bag there is one who'd prefer to go classic. The shape of the bags has been inspired by the earlier and highly coveted Mulberry Neely range, though the introduction of the pushlock here means that there's a decidedly vintage feel to these incarnations. You can choose from the small or normal pushlock, or plump for the even roomier tote version, though personally I'm drawn to the straightforward Polly Pushlock because it's accomodating but stylish.

As I write this, the Polly range is well out of my reach financially, but it's definitely being written into my (now overwhelmingly extensive) Future Investment Items for Future Disposable Income list, which also includes dental treatment and about half of Vivienne Westwood. When I acquire that elusive disposable income, I'll let you know, but in the mean time I shall leave you to gaze at Mulberry's work.

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