Tuesday, 9 February 2010

When all else fails.... dress

Not feeling great today, so my wardrobe choice was pretty much monochrome and definitely on the defensive side. The skirt is from Matalan and is obviously not leather but somehow manages not to smell of plastic, the t-shirt is New Look which I bought oversized and sometimes wear as a very indecent dress, and the furry thing is from H&M. Am just going to chuck a jacket over it - would use a stone-coloured trench a la Burberry but the one I've got is a work in progress and I'm going to add some black trims to the edges, maybe with some chains or something. Would wear a leather jacket but would feel a bit too co-ordinated, which is never a good look.

The hair is another work in progress and should eventually be ash blonde/white (then I might attempt some kind of silvery highlights)... can't wait! I have even turned to salons for this, rather than battling away on my own with some home dying kits, so it's a very important project and seems to occupy most of my thoughts (when really I should be doing assignments. Oh well).

Monday, 8 February 2010

Je t'aime

This woman was spotted during my recent trip to London. I saw her walking past the National Gallery and took a quick photo because I really like her style. The whole fake fur coat thing is very bag lady (which I prefer to the chavvy look you can do with fur), and the cloche hat just took it back a few decades. I like this a lot!
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