Monday, 29 March 2010

Would You Pay for a Paper?

Recently there's been a lot of suggestion in the media about online newspaper content no longer being free in the future, with viewers charged to look at the latest stories. Personally I can't see how this is at all fair or sensible - why should you pay for something you can't even physically hold in your hand? For me, a large part of reading newspapers is about finding articles you otherwise would not have read, and also cutting out images or text that is inspiring; this would certainly not be achievable with online content. I would begrudge paying to view a website, then having to copy and paste or screenshot everything I wished to salvage, before printing it out at yet more cost. There is also something very annoying about having to view endless webpages of stark white electronic backgrounds - I like the dull cream pages of a newspaper and the smell and feel of it.

With blogging, there is a completely different experience, with unlimited journalistic possibilities and no desperate need for payment (not here, anyway) in order to eke out a return for your readership. Maybe, instead of putting a consumer spin on the online paper, it should just be left as a free resource and an important archiving tool -I have definitely found online papers useful for my degree, as it gives me access to articles I never could have otherwise read. Yet if I was charged for the privilege, I would not be inclined to use the website again.

I think that, once you start putting a price on information and totally remove the tactile qualities of a newspaper, technology has gone too far.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Nearest Thing to McQueen

I bought this top in Zara after falling in love with its spectrum of colours. It really reminded me of the cyber-meets-tribal Alexander McQueen dresses that are being photographed a lot at the moment. Sadly, I'm never going to be able to afford one, or even the diffusion McQ line, especially as demand has rocketed since the designer's passing (RIP). I think I'll remember him most fondly for the tartan dress he put Sarah Jessica Parker in a few years ago (possibly at the Metropolitan Museum?). His posthumously released collection went back to these kind of 'heritage trend' roots as well, with thick fabrics - in a similar vein, I added a crown necklace to my top, although mine was far from regal and came from Poundland. Anyway, this top just kind of puts me in a McQueen mood. I saw a similar one in Bershka the other day, so clearly there's something in the water...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Things that have kept me going this week...

1. Flat sandals from Zara. They are a kind of mouldy faded denim colour with tan soles and would look ridiculous on me cos I have tiny ankles... but hey, I can dream
2. Face Hunter book by Yvan Rodic - he is my new obsession, following The Sartorialist, JakandJil and Tavi. I love street photography and quirky unexpected clothes thrown together
3. LCF Open Day is coming up soon, which I am more than a little excited about. Hope it looks as good as it sounds
4. Oasis jumper. It's grey with a giant turquoise shoe on it. Enough said
5. Vogue journalism competition - although I will be anticipating a rather well-typed rejection letter in May, on lovely thick paper
6. Filling up my new Moleskine - as a stationery fanatic and lover of the Moleskine groups on Flickr, this is going to be so much fun. It will end up being stuffed with old photos which I am currently hoarding via Ebay and various markets.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Nobody Does It Better Than V&R...

The link above just demonstrates how clever Viktor and Rolf are as fashion designers and lovers of the arts. For their Fall 2010 collection, they decided to be active participants on the runway, revealing the kind of tweaking that goes on backstage. This also reminded me of their earlier work for the collection entitled 'The Fashion Show', where models wore lighting rigs as well as clothing. There is something really honest and open about Viktor and Rolf; they don't pretend that fashion is effortlessly made, but involves many processes and creative decisions. Most of all, they demonstrate that fashion can be fun.

Friday, 5 March 2010

It Might Be Art, But It's Not Punctuated

I do like this bit of graffiti, but it really needs a question mark (unless the fact that it doesn't have one just turned it into art rather than a sentence). Also the handwriting is pretty dire... but the message certainly gets you thinking. Personally I love textual art and find it much more interesting than a bloody still life.

Really backdated image of Halloween make-up

The look I was going for was sort of demented clown bride after an accident... it sort of worked! I used some really light foundation with a green concealer stick to create a blank canvas on my face, then added red lips (MAC Russian Red) and red eyeliner to represent blood in a vaguely illustrative way.
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