Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Things that have kept me going this week...

1. Flat sandals from Zara. They are a kind of mouldy faded denim colour with tan soles and would look ridiculous on me cos I have tiny ankles... but hey, I can dream
2. Face Hunter book by Yvan Rodic - he is my new obsession, following The Sartorialist, JakandJil and Tavi. I love street photography and quirky unexpected clothes thrown together
3. LCF Open Day is coming up soon, which I am more than a little excited about. Hope it looks as good as it sounds
4. Oasis jumper. It's grey with a giant turquoise shoe on it. Enough said
5. Vogue journalism competition - although I will be anticipating a rather well-typed rejection letter in May, on lovely thick paper
6. Filling up my new Moleskine - as a stationery fanatic and lover of the Moleskine groups on Flickr, this is going to be so much fun. It will end up being stuffed with old photos which I am currently hoarding via Ebay and various markets.

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