I've been blogging since 2009, having been fascinated with fashion - or my version of it - since I was old enough to dress myself and got rid of my pudding bowl haircut (thanks, Mum). Having accumulated a serious collection of glossy magazines whilst studying English and Art at uni, I then went into one of the bright lights of the big city, the London College of Fashion, where I trained in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism and developed a thing for Pret a Manger gingerbread men.

Currently working as a freelance journalist,with several years' SEO and marketing experience under my belt, I've written for The Sun, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Running in Heels, Zest Magazine, UK Parents Lounge, Hello, Itchy City, Pigeons and Peacocks, Baby World, Bitch Magazine, Candid Traveller and This Affected Youth, amongst others.

To get in touch:
  • Add a comment to the blog
  • Tweet me - @misspallen (all views are my own and not that of my employers)
  • Email me: pollyallen89[@]yahoo[dot]com
I'm always keeping an eye on fashion, travel and lifestyle news, and I welcome updates and press releases from relevant brands and PRs, so do get in touch if this applies to you. As you'll see from browsing the blog, my interests cover everything from vintage fairs and charity shops to visiting hot new boutiques abroad and looking to the catwalk for inspiration. 

For more insight into my love of travel, please see my other blog, The Travelling Calavera.

If you wish to reproduce one of my images - photos, illustrations, etc. - then please ask before doing so. Wherever possible, externally sourced images are credited to the proper source, but do let me know if you think that I have not credited you properly and I will amend this.

For any further questions, have a gander at my FAQ.
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