Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Unlikely Inspiration: Ikea Channels Christopher Kane

Whilst browsing the huge warehouse space at Ikea Croydon last weekend, I can honestly say I didn't expect to find a significant nod to Christopher Kane amongst the tea lights and pine shelves, but lo and behold there was one. In fact, a whole range of prints had sprung up, focusing on plant life and biology, in a major reference to Kane's S/S14 collection, which he had referred to as 'sterilised petals'.

 [Image via] Who knew walnuts were so on-trend?

 [Image via] The catwalk goes botanical.

What Christopher Kane addressed was the perfect print quality of a biological drawing, with the symmetry of the petals and the overall flower structure creating something that's easy on the eye and flattering on the figure. Plus it doubles up as revision if you're studying biology or botany in any capacity, especially as Kane referenced textbooks in the collection itself, and education in the music choice of the catwalk show.

 [Image via] A more traditional botanical drawing on sale.

 [Close-up image via]. The brain-like walnut in detail.

With Ikea bringing the scientific side of florals into the home, it's a clear sign that Kane is onto a winner. It's normal for colour trends to cross over into interiors but I've never seen a mainstream home ware brand so obviously take a cue from just one designer. The walnut print, in particular, is an unmistakeable tribute to the S/S14 range.

[Images via] Snippets of Kane's floral notes.

Perhaps in the future we should expect to see more lone design inspiration making its way onto the shelves of Ikea - Rodarte-esque sunflowers or goth weaving? Dolce & Gabbana-esque Italian domestic seaside images featuring buxom models in pasta earrings? The floor is open...

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