Monday, 27 June 2011

Janelle Monae's Fashionable Set at Glasto

The most stylish backing singers I have ever seen - rocking the black and white humbug-esque stripes and very artistic looking hats.

The backing duo match Janelle's monochromatic colourscheme, but she goes for androgynous tailoring and flat brogues, with her trademark quiff.

She even adds a cape, for that extra bit of dramatic flair. It features an embroidered collar.

The look is sharp, but does not detract from the music.

[Images taken as stills from BBC footage].

I am enthralled by the style of Janelle Monae; when she first arrived on the scene, I was worried that her clothing choices felt a little too structured and planned, but the footage from her Glastonbury set proves that she can dance, sing and relax without seeming uncomfortable in a crisp white shirt and tie. She doesn't let the clothes wear her - she wears them. Here is an artist unafraid of making her supporting musicians appear just as fashionable as she is, even though their outfits might just be capable of upstaging hers. Top marks, Miss Monae.

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