Monday, 27 June 2011

Polly Interviews: Laurie Lipton, artist

Photograph of the artist, copyright Laurie Lipton.

Please click on the image above for a larger view of this interview. Laurie Lipton is a fantastic artist, whose work is highly recognisable due to her collaboration with AllSaints, when a series of anatomically-focused t-shirts were created. Lipton hasn't just capitalised on a gap in the market; she believes in the work that she produces, and she loves her job. Having recently moved to Los Angeles, she will not be forgotten by her London fans. You can view her work at:

This interview was originally conducted as part of my journalism portfolio whilst at LCF, and it formed a larger article on the lure of anatomical illustration and its fashionable appeal. It was a privilege to talk to Lipton, and she really is a lovely and highly talented woman.

To see my entire final project (a 28 page magazine), please click here.

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