Monday, 6 June 2011

Thrifty Antics - The Customised Skirt

[Images my own].

Dusting off my Textiles GCSE from many years ago (where I made a wall hanging based on Queen - the rock band, not the monarch - involving a very sequinned Freddie Mercury portrait), I managed to transform a pair of charity shop trousers into a skirt. This simple bit of sewing also allowed me to create the sort of maxi that the high street doesn't make for my shape, because until now I was finding that anything remotely capable of fitting my hips managed to give me the distinct impression of a fishwife or a chubby school mistress. However, by unpicking the inside leg of the trousers and hand-sewing the remaining material into a tube, my very own maxi was born. It hasn't fallen apart so far (yep, I just checked as I typed that) and I'm pleasantly surprised with the results, especially as the trousers only cost £2 in the first place.

I don't think you'll make a seamstress of me just yet, but it's a start, and my wallet will thank me for it.


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