Monday, 4 July 2011

Three Stationery Must-Haves

One of the many Archie Grand notebooks that has taken the stationery world by storm. The premise is to make a different book for every group of people you have met, with the range spanning 'Communists I Have Met and Liked' to the less popular 'Bankers'.
Image via the Archie Grand website.
Sumptuous, elegant and almost un-writeable, for fear of dismally failing to live up to your cover. This is a set of four notebooks by the designer Christian Lacroix, who has recently helped to reinvent classic fairytales with similar illustrations. Here, the notebook is reborn.
Image via Selfridges.

Featuring childlike typography but a sentiment that transcends age, the Waldo Pancake collection is very tongue-in-cheek and very much in demand. Other slogans include 'I could have been a novel' (for your Mills and Boon attempt) and 'If found do not publish' (for your secret diary). Image via Writers' Gifts.

My name is Polly and I am a stationery obsessive. Without the constant supply of new and exciting notebooks and pens on the market, there would be a hole in my life (but not so much of a dent in my bank balance). Since I could write a full sentence I've been hoarding these things, searching in National Trust gift shops up and down the country when I wasn't close enough to a dedicated purveyor of all things paper-related. Now I am left with a rather large collection of the things, and it's only now that I've begun to use them up, but with one roving eye on the newest launches in this department. Check out the three choices above to whet your appetite for more sophisticated writing days.

Currently I have 'The SS Great Britain' for lists, picked up during a trip to Bristol when I was eight or nine, and a brilliant black Moleskine journal (a luxury brand in the writing world) for writing reviews and articles in, which my Dad was given during a work conference and it's been corrupted with a brand logo but is otherwise perfectly useful. I used to write up my university notes with an incredibly naff 'Dickens World' pen that had a choice of four colours and was the width of a swollen thumb, but I've now graduated to a lovely 'Journalism Works' biro and a selection of Staedtler pens. For every occasion I find an excuse to bring out a different writing instrument or accessory ("Oooh, this calls for my new permanent marker/fountain pen/notelets"). It's a bit worrying, but takes up a lot less space than my shoe collection.

However, I'm always on the look-out for the next fix of stationery, whether it's a new branch of Paperchase that's opened or the news that Vivienne Westwood has moved into A4 journals (that made my 2010). If you've got a thing about paper, or some other vice that's not very rock and roll, let me know. We can start a support group.

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