Friday, 1 July 2011

Anya Hindmarch Pop-Up Shop - Keeping It Old School

The shopfront is brilliantly traditional, breaking away from the modernity of other pop-up projects in recent years. I really enjoyed this aspect of the display.

The display stands rely heavily on glass panels, meaning that people walking past can glance in and see a flash of handbag to entice them.

It wasn't just bags - the shop sold leather goods, and products could be personalised if you wished.

With gold lettering and black wooden panels, this really was a classy affair.

[Images my own. Please ask before reproducing].

You may be familiar with Anya Hindmarch as the woman behind the 'I'm not a plastic bag' shopper; you may remember her photo bags from further back. Even if you've never heard of her, there's no reason to stop you enjoying this unusual and beautifully designed pop-up shop, on the ground floor of Selfridges, Oxford Street. The decor brought me straight back to childhood, as we used to have a chemist's shop in my local town which was like a relic of Victorian times. It had shelf upon black wooden shelf of old bottles and jars, and it smelt just as a chemist's should. It also sold some very naff nail polishes that I used to save up for (99p each, with lots of glitter), but that was not really part of the overall setting and more about my love of sparkly nails. Anyway, this old-fashioned chemist's shop would have blended in well in Hindmarch's atmospheric setting, with the feel of a traditional retailer.

The aim for Hindmarch's pop-up shop, which appeared at Selfridges, was to provide a bespoke service and a range of products designed to withstand the test of time. The founder herself said that: "They are not 'of a season', they are 'of a moment in your life' that will last and be part of a story for generations." That's the great thing about leather - when cared for properly, it can be timeless and prove to be the ultimate wardrobe staple. A good bag will not shed its lining or lose its handle strength, as long as you treat it well.

I urge you to go and see it, if only to try and hark back to your own memories of days gone by, and to really appreciate timeless leathercraft.

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