Monday, 18 July 2011

New Look's AW11 Preview: the vintage feeling abounds

Limited Edition pieces have a distinctly feminine side. From sheer printed blouses that would be perfect for work, to this gorgeous 1920s-esque LBD with slinky silvery detail, it's time to think like a lady.

I absolutely adore this look. It's a modern take on the 1980s sex appeal of leather, with the suit taken to the next level. It harks back to the drama of This Is England, which spawned many a fashion trend. Don't be afraid of the androgynous emphasis - the accessories can be made distinctly girly and the trousers show off your silhouette.

The preppy look smartened up: with the addition of leather and scallop-edged shorts, this is how to work the college look without seeming too young or casual. Burgundy is a great colour to choose here because it is wintery but not as harsh as black.

This panelled maxi dress is perhaps an unusual colour for Autumn/Winter, but it really stands out. The black panels give it a directional, minimalist edge, but the 1970s hat adds a relaxed touch. You could dress up this ensemble by choosing lace gloves and cocktail rings rather than headgear.

How to make the transition to the colder season: tea dresses can be worn with wooly hats and you won't have to look like you are indecisive. If it's time to hit the tights, don't stick to black opaques; there will be tons of jewel and leaf coloured options for you to choose from (think amythest, topaz and cobalt for the former, and tan, orange and burnt red for the latter). Footwear involves the dolly shoe and the heeled loafer, which can be worn with socks, tights or bare legs.

[Images originally from New Look, and taken from Look Magazine online].

This is such a strong portfolio of images from New Look, and I'm sure that many of the items seen here will make it onto the pages of my favourite fashion magazines. It's not that long ago since the business columns of our newspapers were raving about the declining success of this retailer, but I feel like AW/11's clothing could really be the saviour of the company. Everything looks delectable and probably a lot more expensive than it actually will be - trust me, if you've ever worn New Look shoes or blouses, you'll know what I mean. People are convinced you've shelled out £75 when you insist they were £25 at full price. The design team is clearly on the ball at the moment, and I hope that this is backed up by sales at the till and online.


  1. have heard so much about this collection and must say its exceeded expectations. love that second look.

    Helen, X

  2. loving it! I am so excited to get my hands on the gorgeous print skirt and the lovely tea dresses! New Look may have just saved my soon to be work wardrobe...

    H x

  3. Not gonna lie, not too crazy about this collection, but I do love the way you describe it! Makes it much more interesting.

    xx Dagmara

  4. Thank you! Glad that Helen and Holly are both excited. :) And thanks Dagmara, it's nice to know my writing can change your mind!

    Polly x


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