Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Balenciaga's tasters for Autumn/Winter - get your inspiration here

Here's one of the stunning images from the Autumn/Winter 11-12 campaign of Balenciaga (taken from their website), a brand often preoccupied with structural beauty and adorning the female form with powerful fashion. There's something of the warrior in this collection, with the tough black coat exterior boosting the intense floral print. I love that they chose to set this shot in a medieval landscape, which really shows off the architectural leanings of the clothing.

The company posted Behind the Scenes trailers on its Facebook page, which gave fans a hint of what was to come. Each snippet lasted just 11 or 12 seconds. Hair and make-up were minimal and un-fussy, to really concentrate on the shapes and patterns used. The midi-skirt is clearly still going to be strong for next season, as seen on two of the models on the right.

Colour-wise, aside from trusty black and white, we were introduced to royal blue and burned orange. I love the cape on the right, in particular - there's an echo of vintage nursing uniform, but it's given a modernised look here and all detail has been stripped away.

Accessories are sharp and clean, in contrast to the braiding and bulkiness of the black statement jackets. The large metallic clutch will surely filter down to the high street, and these fierce stilettos would sit well with lovers of Topshop and Zara footwear - I can envisage either brand translating this look for Autumn/Winter.


  1. I love the colours in that collection! Great blog


  2. ah i love that first photo! the contrast between the metal and black and the floral is amazing! definitely going to be inspired by this in the fall/winter! :)


  3. Thanks, girls :)
    It's looking like a great collection. Hope lots of it will filter down to the high street!

    Polly x


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