Sunday, 17 July 2011

ASOS Menswear: Essentials with a fashion twist

Three to get you pulling shapes...
The Stripe T-shirt gets a Fred Perry logo and suddenly becomes smart/casual.
The ASOS Sweat Shirt with tan shoulder detail looks sharp.
This Contrast V Neck from Villain is quirky but wearable and would look great with jeans.

Three to get you into yellow...
This King of Spades T-Shirt is very cool, with the neon effect and bright sunshine hues.
For a more eye-catching stripe, look no further than this Boat Neck Top.
The mustard Shorts wouldn't suit everyone, but they'd work well with Dr. Martens or Vans and a tight t-shirt.

Three to get you accessorizing...
A Backpack for all seasons (except intense snow)? This is man heaven.
For an edgier approach to eyewear, go for these Angular Sunglasses. I have a huge head (basically man-size) and I'd definitely consider these blokey shades to make things a little more stylish.
I'm an anatomy addict since writing about it in an Art Theory essay. This Spine Pendant is a bargain at £8.00 and it's not offensively gory. Definitely makes a change from those naff St. Christopher rings from Argos that so many unimaginative men insist on wearing (urgh).

[Images taken from].

I'm really impressed with ASOS' Menswear department at the moment. It covers the trends without alienating its customers with unwearable fashion. The buyers know what the average bloke wants and needs in their wardrobe, and gives them a push in the right direction. There's also a very good range of designer pieces for the male shopper, so it's worth looking for special occasions as well as everyday browsing.


  1. It's so cool to know you're into men's fashion as well. This was interesting.


  2. Thanks!

    I have a massive interest in menswear (for wearing and appreciating) and I love blogging about it when something really catches my eye.



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