Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Miss Selfridge's Project #1: A lesson in modern essentials

Fringe benefits: the multi-tasking jacket with the expensive-looking back detail.

Leopard lust: my favourite print is in the spotlight with three variations. Want. Them. All.

[Original images taken from Miss Selfridge's website and adapted by me].

At last: a capsule collection on the high street where practically every piece can be worn by a variety of shapes and sizes. Miss Selfridge has struck gold with this range, Project, which has been created by their team to reflect the most fashion-forward desires of their clientele.

However, these are not pieces to be scared of if you're unsure of your exact style, or if you're afraid of a good pattern (see the leopard print montage above). There are plain items such as sheer shirts, a drop-back dress or vest to show off a new area of your body if legs and cleavage aren't your confidence zones, and a gorgeous satchel bag to rival designer numbers. It is evident that this collection has been well thought out, no more so than in the introduction of the fringe back jacket. This allows you to work a trend whilst wearing something that is appropriate for smart occasions and everyday moments such as drinks with friends. Meanwhile, the animal print leggings have a panel design that will slim down your thighs and calves whilst covering you up (goodbye visible cellulite). For the more adventurous shopper, the leopard slippers will not disappoint - they're sturdy but fun, and will look just as appropriate with a pencil skirt as with jeans.

I'm totally enthralled by this new range, as it's exciting without being too of-the-moment; you could buy something from Project and still be wearing it in two years' time (as long as you haven't already worn it to death). My only quibble would be the lack of accompanying jewellery, but I'm sure you can dig out a gold chain or a pair of hoops to complete the outfit. I hope this collection encourages shoppers to be a little bolder with their fashion choices.


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  2. Thank you! That's really kind of you. I'm now following your blog and wish you the best of luck with it :)

  3. Wow loving the look of this collection. I especially like the slippers and the leggings. Totally my style!

    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back now!

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  4. Thanks, Ashleigh!
    The Project leggings are on my wishlist too - saw them in real life the other day and they looked great (though the flagship has sold out of anything above a size 10, grr!).
    I'm off to check out your new blog post :) x


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