Monday, 31 October 2011

Workwear Dilemma: There is no dress code!

Today I started my new job (though obviously won't be discussing the company, as this is my personal blog, and I always think it's important to keep my professional life separate). The people seem nice, the desk is wonderfully shiny, but I am utterly baffled by the sartorial side of things. Why? Because there are no regulations on dress code. Although we deal with the public, this involves using the internet and social media rather than face-to-face encounters, so most of the staff have decided that they'd rather opt for something a little more casual than your standard 'career woman/man' look.

Obviously comfort is a key factor, and it should take precedence over style if you really want to be relaxed, but I find that there's something psychologically positive about making an effort before you head to the office. You just feel official and organised in knee high boots; you always get a buzz from applying red lipstick. You feel like someone with a vocation, rather than just a role. I didn't quite understand how some of the team members could stroll in with hoodies, 'cosy' shoes and jeans, but clearly it's not affecting their performance so they must be doing something right, and maybe I am too preoccupied with stereotypical ideas about employment and regulations.

The question is: will I be sloping into work in six weeks' time in my pyjamas, having been a little too inspired by the lack of regulations? And will anyone be able to criticise it? I'll let you know, should it come to that. In the mean time, I'm still enjoying the composition of an outfit and I've got about half a wardrobe full of 'smart' clothes that need to get an airing, so I'll stick with making an effort, thanks.


  1. I couldn't agree more! A lick of lippy and a slight heel always makes me more hyped for a productive day ahead x

  2. It does indeed - there's something nice about making an effort for work and not wearing the same clothes as on the weekend!

    Polly x


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