Friday, 7 October 2011

Paris a la Mode

[All images my own. Please ask before reproducing].
I loved so much about the street style in Paris - the variety, the overall looks and the accessorizing. Everything seems a lot more theatrical and the men are unashamedly interested in fashion. You won't find many tracksuit bottoms here. The image above was one of my best photos from the trip - effortless all black chic, topped off with chunky boots.

Simple nude tones from this tourist at the Notre Dame - she unintentionally blended in with the sunlit stonework, but her tunic dress looked gorgeous.

In a snapshot of the exhibition space where I was working as part of my internship, here's a mannequin showing off minimalist clothes by the Spanish designers Uke, whilst the front rail holds sumptuous leather bags by the duo Haerfest.

Again, another exhibition shot from Rendez-Vous, this time featuring clothing by Ambrym, who are French. Their inspiration for SS12 includes beetles and shadow puppetry.

A night walk revealed this very dapper gent crossing the square by the Hotel de Ville. From his tweed jacket to his grey trilby, he's definitely looking to the past, and it really works.

A slightly blurry shot as I passed through the Metro and caught this woman doing a couture-esque shoot with a professional photographer. Don't particularly like her outfit - it's far too conservative for me, with the skirt suit and pearls - but it was fascinating seeing her modelling.

Back at Rendez-Vous, here was our exhibition neighbour Richard de Latour's stand. He produces edgy jewellery and accessories, mainly in black or silver, and they're all highly covetable.

Another shot of the Uke stand at Rendez-Vous. I really liked the simplicity of their clothing and the organised tonality of the colour palette - it seemed really different from the Spanish fashion scene.

Another shoot I walked into in passing, this time by the Louvre. I like the band of red on the model's dress, and the different layers on the outfit.

The model having some down-time whilst the professional photographer (obvs not me) took some establishing shots. It felt like I was glimpsing their world and it was really exciting.

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