Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Maison Martin Margiela = More, More, More

[Image via MMM's e-boutique].
Having spent Monday in London galleries (the press view of the new Photographs Gallery at the V&A, and a trip to Gerhardt Richter's exhibition at Tate Modern), I'm feeling a bit analytical and craving some truly innovative fashion. Step forward, Maison Martin Margiela - a consummate provider of cerebral clothing, aside from some brilliantly bonkers ad campaigns. Even the humble white work shirt is transformed into a desirable piece, seen here with a top section that emphasises the bust, and an incredibly sharp collar. This is the kind of shirt that could make boardroom negotiations by itself.

[Image via Net-A-Porter].
The idea of a jumper with built-in detachable gloves is the kind of thing that should've been invented years ago, to avoid that annoying draft up your arm when your gloves are too short. Yet Margiela has not only created something clever, but he's also kept it stylish and covetable. The ruched sleeves and the boyish fit means that this is the kind of jumper you could throw on over most outfits and it'd still enhance things, ticking the box for 'effortless chic'.

[Image via MMM's e-boutique].
The drapery on this cardigan, which would double up as a knitted dress, is very flattering. I love the double-breasted button fastening, giving a nod to traditional tailoring but not compromising on comfort. Pieces like this are the reason that I look forward to winter, because you just don't get the same buzz from wearing a few inches of fabric that have to be in a summery colour and require your body to be ridiculously toned.

[Image via Net-A-Porter].
Simplistic dresses are always on my wishlist, because they last so long and perform so well. This lavender number would look excellent with shoe boots, with heels and statement tights, with a long-sleeved black lace t-shirt underneath, or with an opulent faux fur coat. The cape section at the top adds a retro feel and conceals any potential bingo wings - my mum used to have a toffee-coloured evening dress with a similar detail, from the 1960s, and it was a reliable wardrobe staple for her.

[Image via Net-A-Porter].
Lastly, accessories. Obviously you can't expect a design legend to compromise on any area of product, and this cuff demonstrates how the ever-faithful buckle can be easily transformed into a repetitive feature. The tan leather looks warm and flawless, and it doesn't have the plasticky sheen of mass-produced leather goods. I'd wear this cuff with a draped t-shirt dress and ankle boots.


  1. I agree, would love to put these on my Christmas list!

    Polly x


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