Friday, 28 October 2011

Gareth Pugh for MAC - the sumptuous official shots

[All images courtesy of MAC, via Fashionista].
Be still, my beating heart... the MAC collaboration with fashion's Prince of Darkness, Gareth Pugh, is finally upon us! Launching in the USA on 23rd November and shortly after internationally (I heard 25th, but Fashionista states that it's December), it's all you could want from Pugh and from the cosmetics giant that does killer colours so well. This first promotional image demonstrates the power of a Pugh lash, which he created after being sent some typical MAC examples and cutting them up for a destructive anti-curve. I am so glad that MAC hasn't tried to water down Pugh's goth chic; I was a little worried that they'd try and lean him towards pink or bronze, which would go against the sumptuous depths and lights of the designer's palette.

With a brief look at the whole range, you can see how comprehensive it is. Although the make-up bag will set you back £46 (at the current US dollar exchange rate) and the Kabuki brush is £37, other items are going to be at pretty standard MAC prices, so you don't feel ripped off. When Pugh talked to Fashionista back in July, he spoke of the packaging being like armour, which you can clearly see from the simplified silhouetted cross logo. It's fair to say that if you were brandishing some of these coveted nail varnishes or eyeshadows on the launch day then you might be in for a fight with fellow customers.

The Flightlash lashes (£11) are just as dramatic when they're not on the model - with a triangular feel and a thickness that will make your eyes look beautifully edged, they're a great statement piece. If you really take care of your falsies then you can re-use them a couple of times, so it's not just a one night investment.

Possibly my favourite product, this lipstick is called Restrict - I love the punchy name and the solid bleached nude shade. It contrasts well with the other lipstick, an almost black purple named Fervent (both £14), which looks similar to the Lanvin for H&M shade that I own. Both of these options are likely to be popular with the fashion crowd, but I think that the nude will be more successful commercially as the high street shopper hasn't quite managed to embrace berry lips yet.

Lipglass is a staple MAC favourite so it's unsurprising that Gareth Pugh should develop two of his own. I've opted for Vacant, which is a sheer pale lilac (£14), but there's also a deep purple called Outrage. Vacant feels more wearable for day as it's light and would contrast well with eyeliner or a smokey eye.

Nail varnish that looks like an oil slick? I'm severely tempted. I always used to love really powerful metallic shades but found that they were often a let-down when you tried them on your nails. However I'm more confident with this grey based purpley-green Ascension colour and, at just £14, it'd make a great Christmas present too. Also available in a pale nude (Inert) and a blue-green metallic (Hyper).

Here's another comprehensive glance at the collection. Other products include beauty powder, mascara (a bargain at £9) and two shades of Technakohl eyeliner. I would have liked to see liquid eyeliner (perhaps in ghostly white?) and maybe some kind of cream shadow in a glossy black, but otherwise I'm really pleased with this collaborative effort. Gareth Pugh is one of my favourite home-grown designers and it's brilliant that MAC has made him more accessible without curtailing his creative freedom - the packaging and names fit beautifully and everything feels as if it's got Pugh stamped all over it. If anyone was worthy of a second MAC project, it's got to be him.


  1. I love how dramatic this looks!

  2. It's a very appropriate-looking shoot, isn't it? The theatricality works well. Can't wait to get my hands on this collection.

    Polly x


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