Friday, 12 August 2011

Spiders and Leopards, Oh My: Charlotte Olympia

[Images taken from the Charlotte Olympia website and collaged by me].

The shoe designs of Charlotte Olympia Dellal (yup, of the famous Dellal clan) are worn by celebs a-plenty and famed for their seductive glamour. We're not talking casual slip-ons for the supermarket here, we're talking shoes to get revenge in; shoes to get empowered in; shoes to release the inner womanly side that you may have been too afraid to confront - I'm talking to the girls who live in trousers, t-shirts and blazers.

As you can see from the image above, my leopard print addiction has reared its not-so-ugly head yet again with these lace-up heels (called Alice Siamese, £655). I love how the shape is very Victorian and reminiscent of the schoolmistress look, yet the pattern takes it somewhere completely different, far away from any kind of prim and proper affair. Other shoes for this season include the luxurious green Carmen wedge (£615) and the quirky Cindy Piano (£650). Additionally there's a pair called Polly (£665), which weren't named after me, but are leopard with a red platform, a.k.a my favourite pattern and colour: I pretty much had palpitations when I saw them. Definitely ones for the ever-increasing mental wish list.

I was also keen to see what Charlotte Olympia has to offer the less financially blessed customer, and this turned out to be a well-served demographic with the brand's accessories. Taking the spider's web as inspiration, these tights (£33, also in black, blue and yellow) are certainly bound to get you noticed, whilst the stud earrings (£75) would be timeless due to their simple linear structure and angular form.

If you want to see top notch footwear design and get some ideas for kick-ass heels, I'd urge you to check out Charlotte Olympia. You won't regret it.

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