Monday, 1 August 2011

AW/11-12 inspiration: After the clock strikes 12

[Please click to enlarge. Images taken from Vogue UK and, then collaged by me].

One major trend for Autumn/Winter, which also came around last year, is the dominatrix. It's fairly standard stuff (think sex shops and Goth clothes mixed with a bit of punk), filtered down to wearable pieces in leather, PVC and plenty of straps. I really enjoy this trend as it's so shocking to middle England - even wearing my faux leather leggings down the high street gets me a few suspicious glances, as I live in what has been nominated one of the most Conservative-leaning towns in Britain.

Yet I didn't want to represent it in the standard way on my blog, because I believe it can be tied in with some of the more feminine pieces in white lace and nude to make a slightly more exciting outfit which doesn't have to bare all. There is something much more fun about mixing up the innocent (think Alice in Wonderland, tea parties or ballet) with the overtly naughty, which is why I created this mood board.

The collection for next season by the House of Worth was particularly interesting here - it combines bondage-esque detail with the kind of ruffles and bows that take you straight back to the Elizabethan era, via Georgian times. Excess is key, and yet each piece stands alone as a statement that could easily be paired with the more simplistic items in the modern woman's wardrobe, such as a mannish shirt or a pair of black fishnet tights. Equally, the designs of Charlie Le Mindu were a great contrast to the starkness of leather, and a dramatic headpiece (maybe not as extravagant as the white bird) would really add to the starkness of this look.

Where to get pieces like these on the high street:

1. Topshop - doing a lot of leather for AW.
2. Fancy dress shops - it's easy to pick up Goth outfits or some long black gloves.
3. Zara - for the more grown-up translation.

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