Sunday, 21 August 2011

New Designer O'Clock - LCF College Shop

[Images taken from the LCF website and collaged by me].

If you like your designers new or previously undiscovered, and you're willing to invest a bit of cash, look no further than the London College of Fashion's 'College Shop' venture, which opens on the evening of 8th September in the city centre's Carnaby Street area (head to Kingly Court, which is well sign-posted). Combining up-and-coming alumni such as William Tempest and Hasan Hejazi with the more recent graduates who are just off the starting blocks of their careers, this is a crucial event for discovering what Britain's future stars are producing. Of course, most of it will be beyond the budget of fellow students, but prices start from £20 and you have three weeks to explore all it has to offer.

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Illustrator Beatrice Boyle (LCF-trained, and with work featured prominently in the pages of Elle magazine and emblazoned on vests worn by fashion lovers) is also taking part. She has created an Oyster Card holder and postcards for the College Shop, which are available for a more pocket-money-friendly £5. I think it's great that cheaper items are available, so as not to alienate the customer who cannot stretch to buying a whole outfit but who wants a piece of the action.

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Ada Zanditon is another of the talented designers being showcased here. Zanditon is well known in ethical fashion circles as one of the names to champion for her sustainability considerations, but she's also no stranger to the mainstream style press. Her use of draping, sculptural forms and exciting prints mean that there are many reasons to keep an eye on her progress.

The College Shop is evidently a good example of pop-up commercialism which is bringing the consumer and the creatives together under one roof, whilst taking advantage of the run-up to our period of precious madness that is Fashion Week.

And, lastly, a cheeky plug. LCF's own magazine, Pigeons and Peacocks, is also available to buy at the College Shop. The current issue includes two of my articles - one being experiential and the other being a longer feature piece on anti-ageing and our obsession with staying young. The rest of the magazine is equally diverse, focusing on style, society, culture and what the future holds for us.

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