Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Complete Outfit Time. Apologies for not using mannequin.

The perils of using self-timer when you can't quite get your shoes on. I was tasked with preparing some outfit shots for an application to the Sunday Times Style Magazine's regular column on readers' personal fashion sense, so I grabbed a bunch of clothes and got self-styling. You can see the proper shot below.

If all else fails, look down. I went through a phase aged 10 where I readily enjoyed posing for the camera, but now I'm not so confident; however I needed to shoot the outfits in full and couldn't exactly use a stand-in. Luckily my house has plenty of natural light and lots of odds and ends that my parents have collected over the years, so it can prove to be quite interesting (if a little distractingly busy) as a backdrop.

Yes, I can play the piano, but that's beside the point. Tartan wedge heels (£14.99, H&M - I visited 4 branches to find them in my size), faux leather studded skirt (£4, Matalan), black and white draped top (£14.99, H&M). I like to disappear when I'm recording my outfits, because my expression tends to veer on the idiotic. This is much more preferable.

I love strong patterns such as the Union Jack and I kind of wanted a dress like Geri Halliwell's Spice Girls one (which, btw, she apparently made herself, and it's a darn sight better than her recent design efforts for Next). These tights are great but they are a little thin on the elastic, so I end up looking like a bag lady sometimes when they fall down in the street. Note to self: wear with shorts next time. Pamela Mann tights (Ebay, £6.99), black shoe boots (£15, Primark). The carpet's vintage, in case you were wondering, but I have a feeling it was a wedding present for my parents.

The patriotic look: Telephone box jumper (George @ Asda, £8), Pillarbox red skirt with brown belt (Zara, £6 in sale), Pamela Mann tights (Ebay, £6.99), patent black shot boots (£15, Primark). I like to mix my base colours - grey, black, brown, navy, etc. - because I feel you can get too restricted if you just stick to one. Nobody likes a conformist. And if you want to get all 'fashion' about it, Coco Chanel wore black with brown, so there.

I was experimenting with this dress as it's been sitting in my cupboard for ages, waiting for the perfect D&G tribute moment. However I feel too much like an air hostess in the eventual ensemble, but this shoot was meant to be escapist so I guess I achieved that! It's all about trial and error. Leopard dress (bought as nightwear, £10, TK Maxx), blue t-shirt (H&M, inherited from older sister), scarf (made from Oxfam skirt, £3), red patent kitten heels (£4, Primark sale).

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