Sunday, 14 August 2011

Conceptual Menswear: Top Three

[Image via H&M's website]. This t-shirt speaks for itself. It's a bit different, like a snapshot of a bloke's head, but it's not one of those slightly offensive/bad taste slogan tees that you can't wear in polite company. It is also the kind of item that will break the ice at a dull party (yes, they do make clothes for such occasions). What's more, it's just £7.99 from H&M.

[Image via Topman's website]. Is it a map? Is it a jumper? No, it's a map-jumper (surprisingly Topman didn't use that in the product title). This sweatshirt (£30) is nicely uniting the geek chic trend with a print that's a little more unusual and arty. The teal colour makes a change from typical black (and it's also very hot for AW/11-12, so expect to see similarly shaded products hitting the shops soon). I am now going to be looking out for map-clad men on a street near me.

[Image via the Mr. Porter website]. Brought to you by the label COTEetCIEL, here's a rucksack that doesn't look like it's been within ten feet of a hiker/school child. It looks like a sculpture, even. The folds of the fabric are adept at disguising the traditional form and making it look like something completely new. Although it'll set you back the princely sum of £135 (a wee bit more than a plain Eastpak number), you're guaranteed to look pretty damn suarve and sophisticated. In fact, this rucksack has been specifically designed to fit your laptop, so you can tuck it away and pretend that it contains important state documents, rather than yet another sales spreadsheet.


  1. I love Topman's choice of mens clothes. Cool sweatshirt!

    xx Dagmara

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves this sweatshirt!

    Polly x

  3. Any idea where I can get that jumper from now? It's no longer on Topman :( I NEED it in my life!


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