Saturday, 31 July 2010

Break the Rules at Festivals

This man has the right idea. In the middle of a park filled with people in 'sensible' or 'casual' outfits, he has decided to wear his braces with pride. I didn't want to interrupt his evening to ask for a photo because I only spotted him half way through the headlining act, and he seemed quite into them. But I wish more people would make bolder choices like this, especially in summer when clothing becomes more practical and geared towards the beach or the art of keeping cool. By applying braces, this man is saying that he doesn't care what season it's meant to be, or indeed what the weather is doing. He is his own person. Equally, the girl to the right of him was pretty well-dressed herself, with a partially shaven head, short denim ra-ra skirt, old blazer and studded ankle boots; not trying too hard, but still having fun.

And, in other sartorial news, here's my favourite new fancy dress outfit: a walking bunch of bananas. He also danced and gave out muesli. This really is how fancy dress should be done, with no compromise on effort in order to look sexy or nonchalant. It's all about embracing the masquerade and the carnivalesque elements of the whole thing, and pushing your idea as far as it can go. In this case, stitching fabric over the top of the original yellow base layer works very well and means that he doesn't look like a giant yellow blob, but clearly demonstrates his banana persona.

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