Thursday, 1 July 2010

Imaginary Re-Style

I found this man wandering the street where I live and decided he would be a perfect candidate for a style rehaul. His clothing is typical of someone who is resigned to not being interested in their appearance, but could drastically improve things with a few minor adjustments. We're not talking plastic surgery and designer suits here - obviously this man is casually dressed and likes to wear items for comfort and practicality, not for seduction (well, I hope not, anyway). So, what needs changing and why?

1.) The t-shirt - There's nothing wrong with a bit of khaki, especially standing next to a road sign which says 'Military'; hell, this bloke could be part of some underground fashion campaign for summer's colours of 2010. But he's not. The problem is that this t-shirt finishes at the thickest part of his stomach, therefore exposing it and drawing the eye towards it even more. Instead, he should be aiming to conceal this and allow the eye to focus on something else, such as a high-up logo on a longer khaki t-shirt which finishes just below the waist belt of his jeans.
2) The jeans - Again, nothing wrong with the colour, but these are too baggy on the leg, perhaps because his stomach makes him feel larger across his whole body. Going for jeans one size smaller than his current pair could make all the difference, especially when paired with a decent belt.
3) Footwear - If you're going for the military look, sir, I'd replace those forgettable black flats with some charcoal or brown worker boots (not those hideous Timberland boots adored by chavs) slightly undone at the top, from a stockist such as AllSaints or Topman.
4) Cardigan - Yes, I do believe that's a cardigan, and it may even belong to a woman. The ideal replacement would be an unbuttoned shirt - again, longer in length than the current option - in a darker colour than the t-shirt underneath. The shirt could either be plain or slightly detailed, with vertical stripes or a chequered pattern, and by leaving it undone then the eye will see the two panels of shirt slimming down the exposed middle section.

And, if you're really feeling brave, there's those Man Spanx on the market which claim to work wonders on the male version of love handles (no bitchiness meant; my stomach's much the same).

Basically, I just wanted to demonstrate that even the average man on the street can take a little bit of time and effort to improve his appearance and get creative. You don't have to live in shapeless clothes and feel exposed, unless you're completely comfortable with this.

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