Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What To Wear For Falling Down A Hill

This was my outfit yesterday, during a hectic day of hitting the Job Centre, picnicking and sitting on the beach. The photograph was taken just after I had fallen down a hill - it was very picturesque and I sort of lost my balance running down to get a better look at scenery. I guess those brogues weren't made for hill walking! Anyway, my clothing choices yesterday were accidentally geared towards H&M - vest top from their collection last year, striped skirt from this year and the hat is from their male department. The brogues are from Warehouse and are really comfy, but not fantastic for grip, so I'm not sure they'll be much use in bad weather but I shall look forward to crunching through autumn leaves with them in a few months.

The Job Centre went ok; I was a bit worried that people would dress up to go to their first meeting, but a lot of people looked like they had rolled out if bed, just like me, so I was in good company. My interviewer didn't know a lot about fashion, so when I said I was looking for fashion retail work and we did a job search then she didn't understand why I wasn't up for working in Country Casuals. Then she attempted to nudge me towards a 4am shift at Fat Face; who knew they worked such odd hours? Finding a job in fashion is proving to be a big learning curve, but hopefully there's something out there which could potentially be juggled with the journalism course (if I get in, fingers crossed).

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