Monday, 5 July 2010

Recent Purchases, In Situ (My House)

These shoes are from New Look (I put them on the cooker for this photo but have no intention of getting them burnt!). I really like the cage effect, which was big a couple of years ago with YSL, and I'm getting into these wedges as they're not some of those gimmicky ones with raffia or cork on them. I want to be able to wear my shoes all year round!

This hairband is from Primark and I shot it with rose petals. I'm going to wear it as a corsage because my head is far too large for any kind of headband - the other day I bought a hat and it was a men's size large. Seeing as few men wear floral headbands, there isn't much chance of me getting anything I can fit on my head with a flower on it. Alternatively, I might just dig into my stash of ribbon and pin the flower onto some of that. I really like the dusky grey/blue colour.

Here are some fingerless gloves from New Look, which I love. I'm accumulating nearly as many grey items in my wardrobe as black, because it's so versatile.

No, I didn't buy a ship, but I bought the necklace below it. Was feeling a bit Blue Peter with this styling. The necklace is from M&S - I'd been looking for some statement jewellery for a while, and this is just a really nice aqua shade for putting with t-shirts and vests. I like the way that the beads are all irregular sizes, so it feels more handmade.

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