Saturday, 17 July 2010

Why I Hate Summer...

[Image above is taken from$ja=tsid:19907]

As you can see from the picture, Autumn/Winter fashion will soon be upon us in the high street, and I can't wait. The thing about these colder seasons is that designers (and the general public) have more layers to play around with and I find this generally leads to more fun. From heavy coats to boots and knitwear, there's so much more to be gained here than the increasingly uniformed look of sweaty vest top and skirt that I plod around in during the summer. This hot weather does nobody any favours, unless you look like you've just stepped out of a perfume ad. In contrast, the Mark Fast diffusion collection for Topshop (seen above) is all about peeping at the body rather than revealing it in the harsh British light. It's feminine, but not in a cloying way, and is celebrating the figure - remember, this is the man who controversially dared to send models down the catwalk who didn't work the horrific Heroin Chic appearance. You couldn't see their ribs, but why would you want to when you could see these knitted dresses? I just wish they were a bit more affordable, but then it is Topshop, so they aren't going to be giving anything away. These dresses would look perfect with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath in the winter, or with some wet look leggings (yeah, I don't care how much of a fad they are, because I have loved mine for years and don't intend on chucking them out) to mix up different textures. If you're going for this season's de rigeur look, then combine a chunky knit like Fast's with a very thin, mannish belt at the waist. Oh, and belt your coat up too. If you wanted to take the belted thing to extremes, combine with a satchel similar to the Mulberry Alexa, and perhaps the look will become more 'heritage bondage', if there ever was such a style. Naturally this should all be teamed with Topshop's recent make-up collection, particularly their dark berry lipstick, though I prefer a nuder shade at the moment for something more subtle.

Now could you ever get so excited over deciding which sarong to wear with your swimsuit? Nope. That's why I prefer Autumn/Winter clothes. And there are no pesky wasps, either.

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  1. i titally agree with you
    winter fashion is so much easier to play around with, what with all the layering and wrapping up <3

    can't wait


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