Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Above is a photo of me (taken by my friend, without me realising!) the day after I had an operation on my toe. Yeah, that's me cleaning up my shoe after things got a bit bloody. Somewhat logically, after all the toe stuff, I decided to wear my skeleton jumper - you could say I was feeling a little more aware of the ins and outs of my body after watching it get stitched up and constantly re-bandaged! And the leopard print dress underneath (seen as a skirt) is one of my favourites. The scary thing is that leopard print is 'in' for this Autumn/Winter, and I just hope it doesn't put me off because scarcely a day goes by when I don't have something on that features it. But I hate wearing what everyone else does - where's the originality in it? I take elements of the high street and photoshoots from magazines and work them into my existing wardrobe and hope for the best, but I would never want to look like a clone. It's nice to express your personality in your dress sense, and not someone else's.

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