Sunday, 22 January 2012

Would You Bid on this Handmade Applique Skull?

[Images via Ebay]. 
As an anatomical design addict, I'm always on the lookout for cool skull-related things, and I can often be found scouring eBay for beads or clothing which has a touch of the macabre. I didn't quite know what to think when I came across this lovingly made sequinned skull, which was up for sale on eBay. It's obviously taken someone a hell of a long time to make (I should know - I created Freddie Mercury out of beads and sequins for part of my GCSE in Textiles, and it was a labour of love), and there's a sweet homespun quality to it, but if we're going to be sticklers for accuracy then this is not really a very happy human head. It appears to have a double chinned jaw, uneven cheekbones that suggest a violent death (perhaps a bar brawl?) and what is potentially a purple bow or some severe damage at the top. The mouth is also looking slightly like a trauma site. I have nothing against DIY, but when this is placed alongside listings for thousands of identikit beads that are neatly symmetrical and reasonably anatomically correct, it does stick out like a sore thumb.

[Back view of the skull]. 
The creative person responsible has also shown the back view, so you can get an idea of the intricacy of their handiwork, but this camera angle sadly doesn't flatter the uneven design. I haven't posted a link to the listing because I'm not trying to get people to send the seller awkward questions or anything, but I couldn't help chuckling to myself when I saw this. It's quite sweet that the maker spent so long on this piece and then decided to part with it - I'm not sure I could say goodbye to something so labour-intensive (yes, Freddie Mercury is languishing in my attic as we speak). Anyway, I hope this applique skull finds a home with someone who will treasure it for the idiosyncratic take on this symbol. Long live homemade craft!

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