Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The A-Z Sale Edit: ASOS and Zara

[Image via ASOS].
ASOS Twisted Pencil Skirt in Tartan
Why I love this skirt: it's very Vivienne Westwood-esque, calling to mind her tartan bags and capes.
What it does for your figure: if you're looking to give yourself curves then this is the piece for you. The drapery accentuates your hips with semi-circular arcs and the bright yellow draws attention to your figure. Meanwhile your waist looks tiny and anyone conscious of thighs will enjoy the coverage that this knee-length skirt has.
Price: £31.50 (was £45.00)

[Image via ASOS].
Stylestalker Snake Leather-Look Bustier Dress
Why I love this dress: it gives a nod to the fetish trend with snakeskin and leatherette, but you're not stuck with a bodycon piece that is unforgiving. Instead it billows outwards.
What it does for your figure: if you're blessed with big boobs then this is the dress for you. Finally you don't have to hide them, and you're also not making them look ridiculous. Instead the corseted top holds you in and stops you getting that weird 'shelf' effect that can often happen (believe me, I spend my life trying to avoid it). If you're not so blessed in the abs department then any rounded stomachs will be nicely disguised by the floaty chiffon skirt.
Price: £37.50 (was £125)

[Image via Zara].
Metallic Trousers
Why I love these trousers: basically they're really shiny. You know how you sometimes get those magpie moments and you just need something sparkly to cheer you up? Well, these might work.
What they do for your figure: instead of hiding behind shapeless black harem pants (yeah, they're a winter staple, but you've got to shake things up sometimes), you might want to give these a go. The straight cut means that your figure is elongated, but don't expect to be a shrinking violet - you are going to be looked at, so make sure you feel confident - regardless of your shape - when you wear metallic trousers.
Price: £29.99 (were £39.99)

[Image via Zara].
Patchwork Clutch Bag
Why I love this bag: whether you actually own an iPad or you just love the wallets that have hit the shops to hold them, you could well be lusting after this baby. It's compact and sleek, with a mixture of different textures - suede, faux snakeskin and a soft backing.
What it does for your figure: not a great deal, as it's only a bag. Let's not pretend it can hide flaws or emphasise your best bits, unless they're your hands. On the plus side, it might make you feel more organised! I would prefer if it wasn't made from goatskin (checked the label and was slightly horrified), so it's not going to be on my purchasing list any time soon, but I do admire the design and that's why it's made my sale edit.
Price: £39.99 (was £79.99)


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