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S/S 2012 Trends in Hair: Eccentric and Eclectic

 [Image via RUSH Hair].
Here are some of the most eyecatching hair ideas from the S/S 2012 catwalk that we can expect to be cropping up on celebrities and on the high street soon. First up is the grunge look at Belle Sauvage, styled by RUSH Hair, which I can see catching on with inner city hipsters (yeah, it won't work as well if you live in a rural village like I do). Basically the hair is almost woven and spun into these patterns, and it's worn with grunge style - edgy prints, lots of black and ample piercings.

[Image via].
Thanks to the swathe of prominent brides in 2011 (I'm looking at you, Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Lily Allen, and possibly even at Kim Kardashian for the 0.5 seconds you were married),  veils and headpieces were seen on quite a few catwalks. I'm not saying we're all going to be getting hitched or covering our faces, but things will get a lot more romantic. I'm talking flowers strewn in your hair, plaits, ribbons and flowing waves. This is not the moment to break out the straighteners.

[Image via].
At Preen we got a taste of romanticism but with a younger vibe.  Pinned back sections of hair and cute side partings set the scene for rural charm, with lots of blusher and clean eyes. This look can work well at the office or on a date. You can freshen up with dry shampoo and sweep your parting into a similar style quite easily, with just a few kirbigrips and some hairspray. Just don't make it look too 'done'.

[Image via].
Louise Gray's off-the-wall designs were nicely complimented by these corkscrew curls. I've already told you to put down the straigheners this season, and here's more proof. If you do have naturally curly hair then why not show it off? It would certainly have saved these models time. I also like the flick of neon eyeliner- it's what I'd call 'organised madness'.

[Image via SuicideBlonde on Tumblr].
Another strong contender in this season's hair stakes is the Marcel Wave. Ok, so it's not one for going to work in, but it would be perfect for a big night out. As you can see from the image above, there's a certain knack to it, but once you get going then you can achieve this look all by yourself. The reason this will be big for S/S 2012 is that we're surrounded by period films and television. With The Great Gatsby currently being made (and photos from the set cropping up online all the time), the mood is 1920s. Added to this is the current film du jour, The Artist, which is a black-and-white silent movie. On telly you've got Downton Abbey, whose next series will be set in the 20s, and Boardwalk Empire. Added to this will be the clothing trends of the drop waist and beaded embellishments, and you've got a craze going.

[Image via Tumblr]. 
The model of the moment is Charlotte Free, who took to many of the S/S 2012 catwalk shows with her pink hair. I used to have my hair this colour and it was a really liberating thing to do. Not great for job interviews, but definitely fun. On the high street, expect to see lots of wash-in, wash-out dyes and streaks of candy stripe shades.

[Image via the V&A]. 
Julia Margaret Cameron's Circe is an enduring image, and many of her photographs are currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum's Photographs Gallery. This is basically a good example of how to combine the bridal chic I mentioned previously with something a little more carefree. Expect to see children with flowers and beaded headbands.

[Image via LOVE Magazine]. 
Lastly, one to perhaps not try at home, but it's a stunning visual nonetheless. Here's model Nyasha for LOVE Magazine, with this intense headpiece last Autumn. It's an example of how Victoriana is seeping into the mainstream at the moment, with taxidermy making waves in art and trinkets and charms being everywhere in accessory trends. I think 2012 will be the year that things get a little more Gaga and we all become bolder with our hair. Not this bold, but you get the idea!

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