Monday, 16 January 2012

H&M Shop Report: Futuristic Sportswear meets Fetish

[All images my own, taken at H&M Oxford Circus]. 
A blazer the colour of tennis balls? Yep, it can be done. Not sure I'd wear it, but it's definitely ticking the sportswear box. Great for girls who want waist definition - just stick a skinny belt over the top. Avoid if you have swimmer's shoulders.

Black tunic top with iridescent sleeves.

Asymmetric cream blouse without collar - very turn of the century. 

Embellished collars are a good alternative if the collarless thing does nothing for you. 

Mannequins clad in black. 

Detail of fetish-style dress with punctured leatherette. 
Kind of looks like a sports vest.

Another piece in perforated leatherette - this time a top. The paper bag waist works really well, though the cardigan is less flattering.
All clothing from H&M -

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