Thursday, 12 January 2012

Magazines: All Change at Company and How To Spend It

I'll happily admit that I'm a complete magazine junkie. Second only to my love of sweet things, magazines are a constant source of inspiration and wall art for me (my room is littered with the evidence). Because of this, I'm a little bit excited about two developments in the world of British fashion publishing for 2012...

Company Magazine Gets a Re-Design

About the Publication: Company is a popular title for young women with their finger on the pulse of fashion, beauty and current affairs. In recent years we've seen a major shift towards travel within its pages, particularly focusing on gap years, working abroad and the risks of taking drugs at festivals. There's also a focus on campaigns, such as those against sunbeds and promoting depression awareness, the latter of which I took part in. Its spin-off sister publication, Company High Street Edit, is basically the bible for shopping and customising, and it also looks at menswear trends too.

What I'd Like to See: carrying on from the popularity of High Street Edit, I'd like to see more attention on customising. American magazines like Nylon do this quite well, and I think Company could be the British equivalent.

Details: the re-design will be hitting newsagents from 17th January, with the first issue featuring BRIT School students.

How To Spend It Increases Frequency

About the Publication: How To Spend It is the glossy magazine from the Financial Times. It's aimed at affluent consumers or people who work in a strong business environment, and it covers everything from couture to luxury watches. I love its regular section called 'Silly Street', which features a gadget that is either a bit mad or very overpriced. Basically I use this magazine for ideas and to see the excellent fashion shoots. In 2012 we can expect to see 30 issues a year, a flashy new website, and an iPad app.

What I'd Like to See: a greater emphasis on fashion, with more fashion specials. Also the interiors issues, called Superior Interiors, could have some really stunning styling.

Details: expect to notice the increase in issues soon. The iPad app will get a massive social media push when it is ready to go. The website can be found at

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