Monday, 26 November 2012

Photo Essay: Liberty's Christmas Windows 2012

Liberty Christmas Windows - The Dressing Room
 Liberty always has the power to make you feel glamorous, even when you're peering through the window in a decidedly unglamorous outfit and wishing yourself to jump through to the other side. 

Visual Merchandising - The Chair
 No bog-standard Ikea stool for this lady - instead there's an elegant branch/antler-inspired chair.

Liberty Christmas Mannequin
 What I love about visual merchandising is when you take a trend and exaggerate it to the hilt.
Here we have the fashionista bun, turned into an elaborate feat of hair engineering.

Liberty Christmas - Ladieswear
 Burgundy and oxblood tones look great against Christmassy silver and gold.

Liberty Visual Merchandising for Christmas
 If you hadn't guessed it by now, the theme is 'party'.

Liberty Visual Merchandising - Accessories
 One of the biggest shoe trends for this season is the flared chunky heel, worked best by Miu Miu.
It's the perfect example of seasonal excess, and it somehow works.

Liberty Christmas Window Displays 2012
 The children's window did old-fashioned festive fun with plenty of animals and books.
I loved the absence of chunky, homogenous plastic.

Liberty Christmas Visual Merchandising - Childrenswear
 There's definitely something magical about this kind of traditional Christmas.

Liberty Christmas Window Displays - Jewellery
 Obviously setting the table is slightly difficult when there's someone sitting on it.

Liberty Christmas Window Displays - Lobster
 I love this set-up - the lobster, the lightbulb, the delving under the table.
It feels eccentric and typically British (with a slight nod to Dada).

Liberty Christmas Window Displays - Seafood
 The appearance of seafood on the table shows that this isn't just about Christmas; it's the whole festive season and not just the bits with turkey in.

Liberty Christmas Visual Merchandising - Handbags
 The brilliantly subtle thing about the use of multiple sets of gloves is that it suggests buying (well, and grabbing) without seeming forceful. However, you still want to be the person clutching those bags.

I think Liberty's windows are much more understated than last year (remember the giant frogs?) but they're really effective and they combine the party excesses with the down-to-earth decor of home. Everything's warm and friendly and feels a million miles away from the 'candy cane rammed down your throat' feeling that sickly over-saturated Christmas displays can sometimes leave behind. Liberty, as always, stays classy.

Carnaby Street Christmas Decorations 2012 - It's Only Rock & Roll
[All photos my own].
P.S. After my trip to Liberty I popped along the road to see the Carnaby Street lights. They paid a fitting tribute to the Rolling Stones with the gold LPs and giant Stones tongue logo.

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