Saturday, 10 November 2012

Uniqlo Launches Heattech: As Seen in Vogue, with music by Violet

Uniqlo Heattech Party with British Vogue
 The scene was set for the Uniqlo x Vogue party on Oxford Street.

This Thursday I headed off to Oxford Street and was whisked into a winter wonderland at Uniqlo, only with a more practical (rather than Christmassy) vibe. British Vogue has teamed up with the clothing brand to shoot its Heattech range, which insulates your body using seriously clever microfibre technology, and the results were pure fashion. 

Heattech Styled by Vogue: My Verdict

I think it was a great way to break some of the myths surrounding style, i.e. 'beauty is pain', 'you have to suffer to look this good', etc., by showing that you can wrap up warm without looking like a stuffed mushroom and still look cool. So often we drag ourselves out on a cold Saturday night without a coat, because it ruins our outfit, or we brave the elements in a miniskirt and 10 denier tights because we don't want to look too 'sensible' for that hot date (in my case, the hot date is probably with the reduced cake aisle at Tesco, but hey ho...). The thing about Heattech is that it doesn't involve bulky layers but it creates wearable pieces that you wouldn't mind being seen in. 

Uniqlo Heattech Party with British Vogue - Gizzi Erskine
 Awkward angle, but that's actually Gizzi Erskine at the bar. 

Famous faces who brushed past me included Nat and Leah Weller (who both look impossibly cool in real life), the TV chef and columnist Gizzi Erskine, and the truly beautiful fashion designer Charlie Casely-Hayford, who I was too scared to take a picture of. There were also several bloggers that I recognised from LFW, including Stella from Stella's Wardrobe.

Uniqlo Heattech Party with British Vogue
 My sister (and fashion event partner in crime) enjoying an apple cocktail.

Uniqlo Heattech Party with British Vogue
 Guests were a mixture of bloggers, celebrities and people from the fashion industry.

Uniqlo London - Oxford Street
 All quiet on the rail front - the tills were silent but the stock looked good.

Pixie Geldof Performs with Violet at Uniqlo Party
 Pixie Geldof performed with her band, Violet, who I'd never heard before but they had a really tight set and were well suited to the event. 
If you get the chance to see them live then do.

Violet Perform at Uniqlo Heattech: As Seen in Vogue
 The guitarist set the tone for facial fuzz throughout the evening.
 I have never seen so many moustachioed and bearded men in close proximity.
Looking good, guys! (And I hope some of them were for Movember).

Violet Perform at Uniqlo Heattech: As Seen in Vogue
 There was a little bit of shoegazing.
I then dropped the bottom of my glass (well, it literally fell out in front of my face) and I was left holding the top of the glass and some ice cubes and a straw. Slightly awkward.
Trust me to have a Miranda moment at a fashion event...

Uniqlo and British Vogue Fashion Event
 The crowd watched (and texted, in the foreground).
Quite pleased with how this photo turned out.

Pixie Geldof Studded Clog Heels
 A closer look at Pixie's shoes - heeled clogs with tiny studs.
 [All images my own].

Uniqlo: As Seen in British Vogue
And here's a glimpse of the Vogue shoot for the collaboration.
[Image via Uniqlo].

It was a great evening and I really enjoyed being able to see the combination of magazine editorial and high street style.

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