Thursday, 21 April 2011

Trends that I will never understand - Part II

In a continuation of my earlier delving into the world of undesirable items, here are some more that I could quite easily bear to be without.

5. ORANGE BLUSHER - This seems a little nonsensical. When you look flushed or excited, you never turn orange (unless you're simultaneously applying fake tan), but somehow the cosmetics industry has decided that you might want to. I'd love to know which occasions they deem most appropriate for getting the Tango look; at a wedding, maybe? Or on a night out, so you can match your cocktail?
6. PANDORA BRACELETS - There's nothing wrong with a good old charm bracelet. My mum has a really gorgeous vintage one that she's kept for years and all the charms mean something to her, but they are also classic and beautiful. Yet somehow in recent times, there has been a searing wave of popularity for the Pandora brand, which makes ugly little silver beads and charms with all the timelessness of a packet of crisps. Somehow these are highly desirable and I have seen otherwise sensible friends eagerly saving up for a new addition to their wrist which, though being incredibly expensive, manages to appear as though it's come from the Pound Shop. There is no sense of individuality here and I just get the distinct impression that these people have been ripped off.
7. CROCS - Just wrong, on every level. Step away from the Crocs at all costs, especially if you are going to co-ordinate your pair with your child's.

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