Saturday, 23 April 2011

Boston Street Style

In general, the style in Boston was not as striking as I'd hoped. Americans tend to rely on basics and classic rules of dressing - simple shift dresses, bags in 'safe' colours, plaid shirts, utilitarian sportswear for those outdoor adventures. This is the country that brought us denim (for which I am extremely grateful) but it also brought us Lady Gaga, though you'd scarcely believe it sometimes. I do like the fact that Bostonians are not as slavish with their trends, as New York dressers are, but I wish that more people would be adventurous with their choices. The coolest look I saw was the man sitting down on the grass in Boston Common (photo 3), wearing a bowler hat and a long stone trench coat, which is the typical uniform of the female Shoreditch dweller in London but it looked totally fresh on him.
Anyway, above are some examples of what I discovered.

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