Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Hair-oines (excuse the pun)

[Images taken from: Scalpture Blog; Grazia Daily; NY Mag].

Even though I am awful at remembering to brush it or actually dry it before I venture outside, hair has been a big thing for me since I began cutting my own mop in 2004. I've been choppy, angular, wavy, curled, asymmetric, irritatingly short and scarily long (which results in a close resemblance to Miss Piggy). Colour-wise, I've graced the bathtub with permanent reminders of shocking pink. purple tips, half blue (might I add, several years before Katie Shillingford did the same), near white, orange, pale blue with red tips, auburn, scarlet, mahogany, light brown, tan and various shades of blonde. I am yet to open a packet of dye labelled 'Tropical Green' because my quest for the perfect shade of turquoise was too exhausting. In honour of this little hair obsession, here are three big barnet looks that have got me gripped:

#1: The aforementioned Katie Shillingford, of Dazed and Confused magazine, loves hair transformations nearly as much as I do. Here she is in teal, with a great contrasting burgundy lip and a Miu Miu bag which I definitely cannot afford.

#2: Vivienne Westwood backstage at her SS/10 show, being given the same hair treatment as her catwalk models. The woman is almost a religion to me. She doesn't give a crap what you think of her, and she will quite happily take inspiration from a photograph of a man with his hair on fire for her shows (that's what Grazia said influenced this look). You just don't mess with a woman who can be so insanely creative. She is such an asset to British fashion.

#3: Yves Saint Laurent's bobbed wigs were one of my favourite fashion moments. Yes, it's a great little nod to the Louise Brooks style of the 1920s, but there's also a modernist attitude here - you can't see the model's eyes and you don't know what the hell she's going to do next, so it's not merely about superficial beauty.

As for my hair? I want to go back to the near-whiteness of last summer, but my current colour is fading nicely into a soft treacle colour so I'm letting the dye brush take a back seat for a while.


  1. At least their hair is interesting hehe mines is rubbish,sweet post x

  2. Yeah, I'm a sucker for interesting hair! Thanks for the comment, and I'm sure your hair isn't rubbish :)


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