Thursday, 28 April 2011

Retail Moment

One of my favourite shops in recent months has got to be Republic. It's fairly ubiquitous on the high street (except sadly missing a London flagship) and manages to provide quirky clothes and decent basics at a very competitive price. As a company it seems to have turned increasingly to fashion rather than sportswear, which impresses me as I have a deep-seated hatred of exercise and would much rather go for something cool than tracksuit friendly! Two of my favourite pieces from their recent style drops, which have included sheer shirts, chunky jumpers and bandeau tops, are the maxi dress and bralet seen above. The maxi is not only flattering but looks much more grungy with the union jack logo in grey tones. This is one I am keeping my eye on and attempting to save up for, particularly as I have a wedding to go to (not my own, obviously) in the summer and this would be perfect for appearing smart but steering cleer of the prim and proper events look that so many people end up trapped in. As for the bralet, it's not so wedding-appropriate but would be great teamed with a maxi skirt or layered over a long, floaty vest top. I definitely don't possess the abs to wear this with jeans, but if you are more blessed in the stomach muscle department then don't take it for granted. Get out in something cropped and show them off! Again, it's a monochromatic piece, but this makes it much more wearable and less likely to clash with other things in your wardrobe.

Get thee to Republic for more of the same!

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