Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fashion Raindrops: Retail Decay

[Image my own. Please click to enlarge]. 
An intriguing and battered shopface in Southwark. 

As a shopping addict, I'm well aware that I can sniff out a retail opportunity at 20 paces (aged 10, I went on a school trip to the local airfield when someone told me it was an airport and I thought there'd be some good Duty Free). Spotting this gorgeous olive green building in Southwark, London, I was naturally drawn to the 'Goods Inwards' sign, but the derelict state of the facade also meant I couldn't resist getting out my camera. 

Despite the fact that there was no shopping to be done here, I'm really glad that I stumbled across the site. There's enough peeling paint and rotting wood to make it worthy of an entire art project. I'd like to see more buildings like this being restored, even if they aren't commercially viable for trade and have to be snapped up by property developers. As much as I love London's modernity, it's more refreshing to get a glimpse of its past. Though I don't currently know what this place used to be in its better days, I'll be doing my research.

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