Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cardigan O'Clock

 [All photos my own]. 
 Sometimes you just need a big chunky knit - the thicker the better.

Playing with proportions - massive knit, flat hair. 
£10 cardigan, Princes Vintage.

It's so big, I can't wear it without feeling like I've got a blanket on, but I love my new cardigan even for smarter occasions. I'm currently using a bright orange skinny COS belt (£6 in their January sale) to keep it all together, usually over leggings or mannish black trousers with boots. The pattern is pure 1980s and I love how dated it looks now - part granny chic, part cool. The cyclical nature of fashion means that you could stick this in Topshop and it would sell today.

Three other types of knitwear to look out for when you buy vintage:
  1. Batwing jumpers are incredibly comfy and they are the secret weapon for ladies with bingo wings. Plain black batwing styles are timeless and look great over shorts, maxi skirts or cigarette pants.
  2. Ballet-style wrap cardigans - although it's a little late to be riding the ballet wave following Black Swan, this shape is flattering for most women and it's easy to wear. Yes, the threading of ties through holes is a bit of a pain, but it smooths over your stomach and avoids the shelf effect that bigger-busted girls dread. 
  3. Christmas jumpers are great all year round. Watch someone's expression when you wait for the bus in June, wearing a reindeer knit.
 It may be March, but it's not too late to stay cosy.

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