Sunday, 13 November 2011

River Island Shoes: Tell Me About It, Stud

[All images my own, taken in River Island, Crawley].
Footwear is as strong as ever in River Island at the moment. Whether you're looking for heels, biker boots or something a little bit punk to get you through winter, you'll find it here. I'm really impressed with the current collection and just had to share it with you. First up are these edgy black wedges that nicely channel minimalism and would look great for trying to emulate Gareth Pugh style in everyday life. All you need to accessorize is a sculptural dress and some checkerboard tights.

Next up, the studded biker boots. With a chunkier heel than most, there's definitely a fashion edge here, but you'd get some serious mileage out of this pair. Just don't expect the motorbike to be as easy to get your hands on.

For vintage tea dresses or 80s wet-look leggings, these bow-trim suede shoes would be ideal. Wear with lippie.

I would kill for these shoes - studs, mesh, gold on black... they're beyond my walking capabilities, but they still make my lust list.

More studs, this time with print. For the eclectic fashion lover.

An all-over pattern works just as well on these heels as it did on the biker boots, only here we have a variety of stud sizes. Another great investment.

In the window was a distinctly English Heritage vibe, meets English Eccentric. Thus we had Sloaney loafers, leopard print and riding boots.

How can the store improve on this collection? I'd like to see more studded flats, as heels aren't always practical. In the mean time, keep doing what you're doing. I'm impressed.

Shop online at if you're inspired by this post - I'm saving up already...


  1. Picture #1 is my favorite. The arch on the heel is dynamite.

    xo, Abbey

  2. i LOVE the studded shoe look, particularly the second last photo, not sure I'm bold enough to wear them to work though!!

  3. Thanks for all your comments - it's great to see I'm not the only one enjoying River Island's shoes at the moment!
    I agree with Ellie that some of them are a little impractical for work, but we can dream...

    Polly x

  4. Where can I buy the second biker boots with studs ?
    In the shop they are allready sold out.. :(
    Is there a website or something where I can buy them ??



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