Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hell for Leather

It's not often I post outfit shots, as you know, but these faux leather trousers needed their own shot because they look so flat on a hanger. When I saw them in H&M I was keen (I've been looking for a good pair for ages) but I was worried that my legs would look like over-stuffed sausages. Fortunately the synthetic fabric is very forgiving - perhaps more so than genuine leather - and I feel pretty confident in them because they are genuinely flattering.

Pro points: Comfy, warm in winter, understated enough to work with basics (not trashy), cut on the waist, zip pocket detail that makes them seem edgy rather than slutty.
Negative points: A little too hot if you're out and about (I was burning up wearing them on the Underground), they tend to give a little too much at the knee and the fabric goes thin, which might lead to splitting in the future. I'm unsure as to how I can stop this happening because I don't exactly have lots of faux leather knocking around the house. My solution will probably be to either buy another pair in the sales or look out for anything made in a similar finish from somewhere like Primark, which I can then cut up and patch on as necessary.

Faux leather trousers, £24.99, H&M.
Worn with vest top by River Island.


  1. I had some H&M leather trousers, they look amazingly like real leather, only I had to put them away for the summer because of the heat and now I cant find them :(
    This makes me incredibly jealous of yours

  2. Aw, it's such a shame you can't find them! I've been wearing mine to death recently. I hope you track yours down!
    Polly x

  3. I've never tried faux leather trousers, but I've seen other girls wearing them and they look really cool :) Think I'd have to man up a bit and work on my style a bit more to wear a pair though :p


  4. They are definitely worth a try! I was a bit apprehensive about how useful they'd be in my town as it's pretty conservative and I was worried I'd be scaring the residents, but actually they're really easy to wear with other basics and they don't have to be too dominant. It's just a case of finding the right ones for you :)
    Polly x


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