Sunday, 13 March 2011

Worrying Fashion Icons

[Image credits: Digital Spy, Now Magazine, and moi].

Some of my longest-running wardrobe interests are leather jackets, black boots, mini-skirts and leopard print. I share these with one of Eastenders' biggest scene stealers, the hard nut Shirley Carter, played by Linda Henry. The wardrobe designers on the soap have done an amazing job at establishing her character through clothing, giving her a clear personality that's not to be confused with our other animal print-loving Albert Square resident, Kat Moon. As I sat watching Eastenders the other day, it occurred to me just how many of the items in Shirley's closet I could easily have pulled out of my own, and this was a scary revelation. I wouldn't otherwise identify myself with her character in personality or temperament, but it's funny how the same garments can be representative of different people's individuality. For me, just like Shirley, the mini is a show of freedom and a determination to not be considered dowdy or plain. The leather jacket can survive anything, giving me the tough outer layer that I want to present to the world, however vulnerable I may actually be feeling underneath.

So, whose wardrobe secretly parallels your own?

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