Monday, 22 July 2013

Thailand Awaits...

After saying this would be the year that I somehow managed to cut down on my clothes budget in favour of travelling more, I'm pleased to say that tomorrow I'll be taking on Thailand for nine days of island exploring on the east coast, seeing Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan. 

Rocks and bright turquoise sea on the coast around Koh Samui
This is definitely my kind of style [image via].

Rather than show you what I've packed in my rucksack clothes-wise, I thought I'd give you the lowdown after I get back, so I can tell you the things I took but never used, and the things I wished I'd included in my checklist but assumed I wouldn't need. For example, when I went to Iceland I assumed that I wouldn't need waterproof over-trousers; how wrong I was when I jumped onto a whale watching tour that had run out of spare overalls and I was wearing jeggings. 

In a similar trouser-related incident, I realised in Rome that it wasn't a good idea to wear skinny jeans on a Vespa tour (you don't want your movement to be impaired when you have to almost high-kick your way off the gorgeous Vespa). So, lessons learned in both cases, I'll be giving you a full packing overview after the event, as well as showing you Thai fashion trends. 

 My hero product [image via].

However, the one little gem I will impart is that I'll be taking Mrs. White's Unstung Hero with me. This has been something of a miracle product for many travel pros, with CN Traveller and the Independent both endorsing it for being an effective and genuinely lovely smelling natural insect repellent - it has an odour of lemon tea, not the whiff of the medicine chest. 

Now I've tried a lot of products to discourage mozzies, yet they often seem to find their way through my defences; not so with Mrs. White's on hand. The only thing I would suggest is decanting it into a 100ml plastic spray bottle from the 250ml glass dispenser that it's sold in - nobody wants to haul glass around in their luggage if they can help it. 

On that note, I'll be off to finish the very last of my packing. See you on the other side, and be prepared for a Thai fashion post when I get back!


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