Saturday, 15 December 2012

Finchittida Finch Christmas Pop-Up Shop at Boxpark Shoreditch

Last Thursday night I wrapped up warm and made a festive pilgrimage to Boxpark in Shoreditch, where cutting-edge jewellery designers Tida and Lisa Finch, of Finchittida Finch, were celebrating their Christmas pop-up shop (complete with beautiful snowflake-print walls and decorations). I know the girls from school and college (ah, memories of A-Level Art!) and they've always been immensely talented, so it was great to catch up over some Beerlao and see what they've been up to. 

Finchittida Finch Jewellery in Boxpark
 Making a statement in silver and gold.

Finchittida Finch Jewellery - Monozygotic Talismans
 Arm yourself with some eye candy.

Specialising in intricate laser-cut statement pieces that have been sported in music videos by the likes of Ashanti, Mele and Lianne La Havas, you'll probably find that their work looks distinctly familiar, and you should be prepared to see much more of them in 2013. 

Finchittida Finch Jewellery - Monozygotic Talismans
 Each piece was set in a screen-printed jewellery box.

Finchittida Finch Jewellery - Monozygotic Talismans
 A necklace and body chain on display.

A large part of their inspiration for the current Monozygotic Talismans collection comes from their Lao heritage and fascination with Lao culture, which is transposed into symmetrical forms such as oversized earrings, body chains with multiple panels and quirky tribal alphabet initial necklaces, in a wearable colour palette of gold, silver and black. 

Finchittida Finch Jewellery - Christmas Pop-Up Shop
 Decisions, decisions...

Finchittida Finch - Monozygotic Talismans
 [Image via the girls themselves] L-R: Tida and Lisa, of Finchittida Finch.

Finchittida Finch Lao Heritage - Loy Krathong
 Their Tumblr blog shows recent celebrations of the Lao festival, Loy Krathong. 
 How fun and colourful does it look?! (Meadham Kirchhoff would totally love this).

 One reason for their use of symmetry is that Tida and Lisa are twins (hence the 'Monozygotic' reference). I loved the fact that they'd used the snowflake - yet another symmetrical design - as the basis for their Christmas shop.

Finchittida Finch Jewellery - Initial Necklace
 Judging from this photo, the letter 'S' is immensely popular amongst alphabet pendant fans.

Finchittida Finch Jewellery - Initial Necklace
You can see how the different tiny sections are cut to create the finished piece.

Finchittida Finch Tribal Alphabet Necklace
 Here's what I bought: a P, obviously... (as worn at home by my battered cherub statue).

Finchittida Finch will be hitting Boxpark with another pop-up stint throughout January. If you're in the area then make sure you check them out and bag yourself a unique piece of jewellery. For those of you unable to get to Shoreditch, head to their profile on ASOS Marketplace.

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