Thursday, 9 August 2012

Photo Essay: Hotel Missoni's Bar, Edinburgh

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
 The view of the bar at Hotel Missoni: sleek design.

We didn't stay at Missoni's Edinburgh hide-away (sadly our budget didn't stretch that far) but my mum and I managed to pop in for a drink and a rare sit down on our Edinburgh mini-break. The welcoming staff outside the hotel were really genuine and didn't discriminate against non-guests such as ourselves, even though we were blatantly gawping at the decor and weren't set to have a full meal here. We never felt looked down upon, which is one of the most important considerations for me when visiting somewhere that's beyond my budget. I'd been wanting to come here ever since I read about Missoni opening the hotel and I'm so glad it lived up to expectations.

Bar at Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
 My mum, mid-conversation, at our table.

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
 Looking at the decor. Those glossy red tables were like lacquered nails.

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
 Screens showed the catwalk to bring home Missoni's design legacy.

Hot Chocolate at Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
About to tuck into the signature hot chocolate (£3.95 but worth it).

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
 What I presume is a giant cotton reel showing some of the brand's typical colour clash prints.

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh
A larger-than-life vase is given an edgy geometric look.

If you're in the neighbourhood and wondering whether or not to step inside the foyer, definitely take the leap. You'll be able to enjoy top-notch design and a little oasis of calm in the heart of the city at this five star hotel.

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  2. Thanks, Jenny! Glad you liked it.

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